Garlic Bread & Bruschetta €4.50
French baguette, garlic butter, in-house fresh tomato bruschetta mix,rucola, fresh basil, olive oil
Oven Baked Brie Cheese* €10.90
brie cheese, mixed lettuce, elderberry purée, caramelised walnuts,grissini
Il-Każin Mal-Ħbieb (At the club with friends) €14.50
traditional Maltese platter which includes an array of fresh local appetizers in order to enhance your social Maltese experience
Oriental Platter €10.50
selection of oriental crispy fried delicacies, house-made sweet chili sauce
Today’s Soup* €6.50
we prepare our soup in small batches with the freshest ingredients,please ask your server for today’s selection
Fish Cake €9.50
in-house breaded fish cake, garlic sauteéd spinach, rucola, deep fried capers
Crispy Baked Chicken Wings* €8.50
oven baked local chicken wings, house-made buffalo sauce


  Local Farmed Rabbit* €16.90
pan-seared rabbit, pumpkin mashed potatoes, onion and broad bean fricassée, cherry tomatoes, rabbit jus
Bragjoli* €16.50
house-made stuffed beef olives, roasted baby potatoes with Mediterranean spices, in-house tomato sauce, crispy onion
Rib-Eye* €23.00
300g grilled Argentinian rib-eye, sauteéd chestnut mushrooms, carrot purée, crispy onions, carrot crisps, red wine jus, chips on the side
Beef Hongroise* €15.90
beef stew, smoked paprika, mashed potatoes, crème fraîche, julienne gherkins
Lamb Shank* €18.00
slow braised lamb shank with Thai spices, butter bean purée, peach and onion fricassée, lamb jus
Chicken Champignons* €15.00
local grilled chicken breast, mixed Mediterranean vegetables, creamy mushroom sauce, carrot crisps, chips
Salmon* €18.00
pan-fried salmon steak, minted peas mashed potatoes, sauteéd prawns, shrimp butter
Fish ‘N’ Chips €14.50
in-house beer battered cod fillets, mushy peas, tartare sauce, grilled lemon, chips


Chicken Nuggets €5.50
6 premium chicken nuggets, fresh daily salad, chips
Super Burger* €5.50
110g house-made burger, lettuce, sliced tomato, in-house burger sauce, coleslaw, chips
Pasta* €5.00
penne with fresh tomato sauce or melted butter


  Traditional Maltese Ftira €5.60
Maltese ftira, tomato paste, tuna chunks, pickled vegetables, kalamata, olives, butter beans, potato crisps and fresh garden salad
Smoked Beef Sandwich €8.50
traditional Maltese bread, smoked beef chuck, mustard mayonnaise, caramelised onions, cheddar cheese, fresh sliced tomato, rucola, potato crisps and fresh garden salad
Vegetarian Cottage Pie* €9.00
ratatouille of vegetables, mashed potatoes, Maltese bread
Chicken Wrap €8.00
grilled chicken breast strips, sauteéd mushrooms, fried bacon bits, tomato chutney, mozzarella, potato crisps and fresh garden salad


*Main course portion at an extra €2.00

  Creamy Chicken & Mushroom Penne* s€8.00
sauteéd chicken breast, mixed elder mushrooms, truffle paste, cream, crispy parmesan
Tagliatelle Bolognese* s€8.00
house-made classic bolognese sauce, crispy parmesan
Ravjul s€9.50
ricotta-parsley stuffed ravioli, in-house tomato sauce, crispy parmesan
Rabbit Liver Pappardelle* s€9.50
pan-fried rabbit liver, roasted pancetta, sauteéd chestnut mushrooms, cream
Tortelloni Funghi Porcini €12.50
funghi porcini stuffed tortelloni, garlic, parsley, creamy butter, truffle oil, crispy Parmesan
Risotto Ai Funghi* €10.50
mixed elder mushrooms, truffle paste, parsley, crispy Parmesan
Octopus Risotto* €12.50
chili garlic sauteéd baby octopus, in-house tomato sauce, parsley, cherry tomato, peas, crispy Parmesan


  Greek Salad* €8.50
green peppers, cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, black olives, feta cheese,oregano oil
Smoked Beef Salad* €13.50
smoked beef chuck, mixed lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, leeks, bell peppers, rucola, honey mustard dressing
Chicken Waldorf Salad* €12.50
grilled chicken breast, mixed lettuce, cucumbers, tomatoes, bell peppers, rucola, chopped apple, toasted walnuts, waldorf dressing
Beetroot Salad* €8.50
slow braised beetroots, crème fraîche, toasted pine nuts, goat cheese,rucola, celeriac crisps, beetroot dressing


  Bottegin Beef Burger* €12.90
280g house-made burger, lettuce, sliced tomato, caramelised onions, house-made burger sauce, chips and coleslaw
Chicken Burger* €8.80
in-house breaded chicken breast, lettuce, sliced tomato, house-made parsley mayo, chips and coleslaw
Vegetable Burger €8.00
house-made breaded vegetable burger, lettuce, sliced tomato, caramelised onions, house-made parsley mayo, chips and coleslaw

*can be served gluten free, kindly ask your server