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Welcome To Bottegin Palazzo Xara



A casual environment that offers an ideal place to dine and unwind. The Bistro is aspiring to be one of the best restaurants in Malta.

The Baroque Hall


The artistic beauty of Bottegin Palazzo Xara reception set-ups and in house catering for up to 250 guests. The ideal party venue for your memorable day.

The Private Room


An ideal private party venue for hosting an intimate event; small weddings, wedding anniversaries and occasional dinners.


The Secret Garden


Relax in the 300 year old Palazzo’s OPEN AIR courtyard in a nice cool breeze, only Rabat can offer.

Welcome To Bottegin Palazzo Xara

Palazzo Xara is a historical building in the heart or Rabat. The Maltese noble Family Xara constructed this imposing building in the beginning of the 18th Century after the earthquake in 1693. Its style reflects the trends of the time when Baroque architecture was at its peak. Two renowned engineers Mederico Blonell and Francois Mondion influenced the architect.

A very important date in the history of L’Isle Adam Music Society is the 9th of June 1951. On this day the contract to purchase the Palazzo Xara was finalized.

The Palazzo Xara became property of L’Isle Adam Band after  an arrangement was agreed with the owner Mr. Barbaro Zimmerman under the leadership of President Alexander Dei Marchesi Apap Bologna and the Committee . At that time the family Ciappara, Mrs. Yolanda Camilleri and her brother Dr. Joe Mifsud Bonnici were living at Palazzo Xara.

Renovation commenced at the ground floor of the palace, where today we can find Bottegin Palazzo Xara best restaurant malta which is divided into the Bistro, Hall and Courtyard. The clubs’ society members and the Bandsmen made these renovations with great sacrifices.

Impeccable decorations initiated in the upper level of the palace, here we cannot mention the beauty of the frieze done by the decorator Michael Fsadni, were he painted 28 Grand Masters’ coat of arms who ruled Malta from 1530 to 1798. The society transferred to the L’Isle Adam Band Club in 1957.  On the 17th of March 1957, HE Mgr. Gonzi inaugurated and blessed this palace.

Best Restaurant Malta

Our Concept & Our Cuisine

Best Restaurant Malta – Bottegin Palazzo Xara is one of the first band clubs to be into a musical, gastronomic and social unique hangout complemented with a casual environment.  Bottegin is an ideal venue to dine and experience good quality food in a modest local band club setting, while the locals hangout by the bar, others would be playing snooker, accompanied by a selection of soft symphonic jazz music in order to keep the band club concept alive.

We pride ourselves in using local genuine products. We promote local ingredients such as farm-to-table traditional cheeselets, pickled onions, sundried tomatoes, fresh vegetables and bread from the local markets.

Bottegin Palazzo Xara has evolved into an ambitious venue led by passionate people and today one can find  The Bistro, The Baroque Hall, The Secret Garden and the more Intimate Private Room.

One of the Best Family Oriented Restaurant in Rabat Malta

Our Menu

Every meal is prepared with care and with local genuine ingredients. Check out our menu, full of variety of options.

Our Venues

The Bistro, the Baroque Hall, the Private Room and the Secret Garden offer an ideal multipurpose venue for your special occasions.

Our Events

Birthdays | Graduations | Confirmations | Weddings & Anniversaries| Private BBQs | Holy Communions & any kind of private function

What People Say About Us

Good Tasty Food
The Maltese comparison of a local pub. Good tasty food and sizeable portions. Warm and friendly atmosphere. Shared by locals and tourists – Everybody feels welcome. Nothing entirely special, hits the spot.
rating stars
Written by: ClaytonG
Bottegin Palazzo Xara


Good For Local Color
Good for local color… the food is typical Maltese and the place is an institution!
rating stars
Written by: ElkaBelka
Bottegin Palazzo Xara


Food and Service Was Excellent
We had our official Gala Dinner for our 7th International Meeting here and the food and service was excellent, as expected.
rating stars
Written by: Francolalu
Bottegin Palazzo Xara


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