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Good food takes your taste-buds places, great food keeps you coming back for more.

Maltese food is renowned for its general deliciousness. Chefs in Malta’s restaurants seem to have a tenacious appetite to go that extra mile, making sure your taste buds overload with pleasure. We’re talking about the kind of flavour combinations you dream about when you’re stuck in traffic heading home after a long day and when you’ve hardly had time to eat a thing.

Bottegin Palazzo Xara has a huge menu, full of the kind of food your taste buds cry out for. But there are three special dishes that our regulars keep on keep coming back for time and time again.

The Massive Full Rack of Ribs with Peanut Satay Sauce

Does the thought of a giant rack of perfectly cooked ribs make your mouth start to water? You’re not alone. Our Chef prepares this signature dish by marinating the ribs in brine for a full two days before being cooked. That’s a whopping 48 hours to help the meat tenderise, making it perfect for you to gently nibble the meat away from the bone.

When it’s drained, careful hands masterfully dry rub a mix of spices onto the meat, before it goes in to be perfectly smoked over another 6 hours.

At this point you’re probably thinking ‘ok, I’m sold, how do I book a seat at this Malta restaurant?’. But Chef’s not ready yet. The crowing glory to this dish is the way it’s finished – a delicious smoked satay sauce drizzled across the flawlessly cooked meat.

Most people that try this dish are left speechless, with a sort of distant smile across their face proving that the taste clearly hit all the right notes. It’s sort of like taking the best that a Malta restauranthas to offer and, well, making it better!

If you can’t wait around to read more, you’re welcome to book a table to get your hands on this meal fit for a king.

Full Rack of Ribs

The Signature Bottegin Beef Burger

What makes our Bottegin burger so outrageously delicious? Well one client was clearly left a little speechless after trying it. He got about as far as ‘wow and wowwwwww’.To be fair he then said, ‘once you finish your burger you will order another one.’ Must be good right?

Think premium cuts of fresh beef. Think perfectly prepared patties. Think of these patties then placed in a meat loaf and cut to order, on order. Why you ask? Preparing the patties in a meatloaf keeps them perfectly tender and the flavour of the best beef stays totally intact.  That’s an impeccable recipe for a burger.

We try to keep up our game on burgers so the Chef creates a special ‘burger of the week’ which are super popular.

We know meat isn’t for everyone, so we also offer a fresh vegetarian burger using only the best seasonal produce as any decent restaurant in Malta should.

Bottegin Beef Burger

The Vegan Baguette

And on that note, a dish that’s super popular with vegetarians and vegans alike is our vegan brown baguette, which is only made to order. We have this incredibly tasty sweet onion jam which we slather onto warm bread, which perfectly counter balances the tangy bitterness of the chickpea fritters.

It’s topped with guacamole offering a smooth spiciness to the overall flavour. Some call it a great bite to eat. We just think it’s about offering a perfect summery-style snack at our Malta restaurant.

It’s even better when you try it out sitting outside in our courtyard we like to call the Secret Garden.

The Vegetarian Baguette


A journey of taste discovery, at this gem in the West.

There’s always more to discover and more and more reasons to fall in love with this restaurant in Malta, so well loved by locals and tourists alike.

And if you fancy something really different, why not try our high-tea menu – a great idea for special occasions like baby showers. Or try a fine dining menu at our Grotto Tavern restaurant,  also in Rabat.

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