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If you’re aiming to put on a company event, a stag or hen do for your friend, or are searching for the most pristine wedding venue – organising your special day can be a huge task. Bottegin Palazzo Xara is a great venue for large or more personal parties and events. With that to consider, we have some ideas and tips for organising and planning that will transform your event into something incredible and make managing the event easy.

event venue
event venue

Planning Your Event


Regardless of having specifics in mind or needing some extra inspiration to bring your event to the next level, the first part is to place your ideas or event’s vision in one place.

Gather your ideas

You will have viewed those incredible wedding magazine pages with collages and notes on all manner of attire and décor. While this is helpful, you don’t have to get too classy. You should think about the events that you’ve gone to previously, get some ideas on the theme, and any small extras you’d like to add, and you’ll see how your ideas begin to become reality.

Consider your budget

Before you get too excited about designing your event, it is a good idea to do some studying on average costs for key areas: venue hire, catering, entertainment, and alcoholic drinks. How many people are you planning to attend, and what is your cost per person? With these costs planned for, you can divide up your budget and look at what will be doable.

Make a list

When you are clear on what you want and what can be done with your selected budget, it’s a great to make a checklist! Be precise on the details. Some questions you can ask yourself are: What is the next step? When does it need to be finished? Who is responsible for this part of the event? This is a great and simple method to keep above everything and ensure that you are planned for the day.


What are the primary features of your event? Selecting a convenient venue can take some time, but 2 aspects are key: the size and area. You should look for a venue that is able to have everyone without leaving an awkward empty space or your guests scattered. Whether this will be a personal home or local hall, you should consider the location in terms of transport, too. If you’re organising a wedding, you should think about finding a location that can be licensed for the wedding as well as the reception. This can be a great way to save and to keep track of your guests, making it simpler to plan transport.


Catering is usually charged on a cost per person plan. By knowing what your budget is, it will make the process easier and your options clear.

You should consider what kind of costs and food will be best for your event. Is your event an all-day event that must have a meal, an evening party that would be great with light refreshments, or somewhere in the middle? Depending on how professional your event is, you should think about if a sit-down meal is best suited. Will a buffet make things easier, or is a table of light snacks best?

At Bottegin Palazzo Xara, we handle everything for you – get in touch today if you need a private party venue in Malta.