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Even if you travelled the world and tasted all the unusual flavours out there,restaurants in Maltaare something you’ll always miss. Here’s why.

If you’ve ever been to London, Rome or Paris you’re more than likely to have dined in one or two impressive restaurants. And if you’ve travelled further than Europe you might have gawped, gaped and grazed on some pretty interesting dishes. But somehow, there’s something indescribably special about dining out in Malta. It’s exciting. It’s relaxing. It’s an evening or a lunch we know we are going to enjoy.

It’s not easy to put your finger on why Malta’s restaurants are so memorable, because it can’t always be narrowed down to one factor. We think – and perhaps we’re a little biased on this but that’s ok – that really, it’s all about going to restaurants that are clearly passionate about Maltese food, where you can spend some quality time with people close to your heart and above all a place where creating happy memories is as easy as ordering a delightful dish off the menu.

Whether you’re only visiting Malta or you’re one of our fellow locals it’s something you’ve all felt. Our favourite restaurants in Malta have a way of sneaking into our hearts and minds.

Restaurants in Malta engage all your senses…

Picture walking in the door of your favourite place to eat, like Bottegin Palazzo Xara. You’re greeted by welcoming, friendly staff who clearly enjoy what they do, which makes a huge difference. You’re escorted to your favourite table. A spot by the impressive and somewhat calming courtyard called the Secret Garden.

You look around you. The décor is lovely. Clearly the place can be used for large parties and events like weddings, but today there’s just a pleasant mix of families and friends, and one or two new couples out for a dinner date, with a slightly tingly air surrounding them.

As you sit down, laughing with some friends, you’re handed the menu which features local cuisine at its best. From locally farmed rabbit, which is cooked to mouth-watering perfection, to tender beef Bragjoli with stuffing so delicious you can’t resist the temptation to grab a small slice of Maltese bread to scoop up the sauce – depending on the company of course (is there anything better than soft, warm Maltese bread?).

You choose your favourite wine, place your food order and sit back ready to enjoy some time away from the hustle and bustle. The enticing smell of your dishes being prepared starts to fill the air and you rather shyly realise that your tummy is already rumbling with eagerness.

Malta restaurants, its all part of living the good life.

After you’ve finished wiping your plate clean (damn that divine Maltese bread!) and you’re feeling like your jeans might be a little tighter around the waist, your partner asks if you have space for some local dates for dessert. No, says your overfull tummy. Yes, yes, yes scream your taste-buds.

This is what makes it all so distinctive. It’s not just the taste of great Maltese food, the smell of your favourite dessert, the sound of your wine glasses clinking as you raise them in cheers, the beautiful sights that surround you, the delicate touch of your partners hand across the table. It’s being in a place that’s so friendly, it’s almost like a home away from home.

Restaurants in Malta are special because just for a little while, you forget what life is like outside. You take a moment to breathe, to taste great Maltese food, to raise your glass in celebration. Just for that moment, you’re content. And that’s the best feeling in the world. In fact, you might like it so much, you’ll want to come back again and again, no matter where you are in the world.